The Legend of Varya is an exciting new universe from the land of Aeda. Frosthammer is the first short story exploring this exciting new world.

Now that the legendary Frosthammer has been found, Durmgir the Cold must unlock the secrets of the fabled relic. From the Eastern Marshes to the towering fortress of Chastel Ichil, Durmgir sets out on a quest for honor and glory but it may come at a high cost – it may even threaten the entire land of Aeda.

Now, an exclusive first look a the prologue for Frosthammer:


“So you really found it?” the small man stood in awe of the large man standing in front of him. 

“Yes. Why so surprised?” the large man responded. He looked down at his smaller companion. The diminutive individual standing beside him had followed him for a long time. Quite a frail man, he truly served very little purpose. He had his moments, but this was certainly not one of them.

“Three years you followed me through these lands. Four years before that searching every conceivable crack and crevice of these cursed mountains without food or rest, and yet still you doubt my tenacity? Someday, old friend, you will take me at my word.”

The smaller man was at a loss for words. He could not tell if his master was truly berating him, or speaking in jest. He thought it might be best to change the subject.

“She is beautiful, sir,” the little man reached out to touch the artifact.

“Don’t!” bellowed the large man, stopping the small fellow short. “Don’t touch that. It is imbued with Varya. I know not the secrets it may hold. Not yet.”

“Then what will you do with it?” replied the nervous little wretch. He sincerely hoped his trembling wasn’t noticeable.

“We will stick to the plan. As soon as dawn breaks, we ride for Chastel Ichil, and our destiny.”

Dive into the Legend of Varya with this thrilling short story to kick off an adventure like no other.